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      Company Profile

      Company Profile

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      CHENXING DAILY CHEMICAL COMPANY LIMITED is a professional manufacturer of detergent products in Quanzhou city of China,was founded in 2000, it is distance to Xiamen port about 84Kilometers.

      Production equipment: Spray dry tower & concentrated equipment

      Production capacity of washing powder: 60000 MT per year

      Main operation: OEM, ODM and OBM

      Products include: Washing Powder/Detergent Powder/Laundry powder, Liquid Detergent,Detergent Soap, Fabric Softener,Hand Washing Liquid and Dish Washing Liquid, Toilet liquid.

      Quality grade: different grades quality to different country markets

      Package size: from 15g to 50kg( plastic bag, paper box, containers, woven bag), also 500kg ton bag packing

      Main markets are Europe, America, Africa, The Middle East, Oceania, and Asia.

      ★During both the manufacturing process and commercial trade, health and safety principles are abided by CHENXING DAILY CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.

      ①.Protection of environment and ecology,

      ②.Production without generating rubbish,

      ③.Reduction of energy consumption,

      ④.Reduction of noise and pollution,

      ⑤.Respect employees' and cooperative partners' benefits,

      ⑥.Respect employees' and cooperative partners' rights and dignity,

      ⑦.Respect intellectual property.

      ----All these are the standards we strictly implement, realizing safety as being more important than profits.


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      Quanzhou Chen Xing Daily Chemical CO., Ltd.
      Add: Guanqiao District,Nanan Ctiy,Qauanzhou Economic And Technological Development Zone,Fujian,China.
      Fax: 0595-86835210
      E-mail: yuexing@cndetergent.com

      Copyright:Quanzhou Chen Xing Daily Chemical CO., Ltd.      閩ICP備19021541號-1       www.300.cn